Stillmeadows has two large outdoor rings, one of which is lighted. The larger ring is typically set with jumper type jumps, with the smaller ring set with hunter jumps. The courses in these rings are changed on a weekly basis. We also have a well lit indoor ring for riding in all weather. Each of our rings is dragged daily to provide the best footing possible for our horses.


We have 9 paddocks for turnout. Our horses are typically turned out individually for 2-3 hours at a time. Turnout with a pasture friend can be arranged as well. All of our paddocks are well fenced and in easy view of the barn to allow for maximum safety.


Stillmeadows has 42 spacious stalls. Stalls are cleaned twice daily and deeply bedded with fresh shavings added twice a week.

Tack Rooms and Wash Stalls

Stillmeadows has four large tack rooms. We have two tack rooms for boarder use and one for tack and supplies for our school horses. The main tack room also houses our washing machine and dryer for easy access laundry services for training board clients.

We have two indoor, lighted wash stalls, both of which have hot water access. We recently installed three outdoor wash stalls for summer time bathing.